Ecuador: a magical trip!

You know what? Everything has a start, and end, and a Middle, and this is the place where I end up last month, the middle of the world.I was like a fairy tale, because when you are going to some place, you start to think and enjoy in advance, before packing I started to see pictures, create an universe, a poetry. So I got there, Ecuador, Quito. Just after a earthquake I landed, everything over there was had been shaking, not the ground, but the people, thinking about and praying for its brothers and sisters in the coast.


A clean city, hospitable people and surrounded by five mountains is Quito which carries the title of the historic center better taken care of the world. While there I was transported to a place just like I saw in the movies, old women carring their babies nestled in a blanket. My poor spanish solved all the issues I had, from the hotel to the daily coke leaf teas and city tours.


Bad side of it? Yes, sure! American Dolars all around, which means: expensive trip to latin american people! But Whatever, When you travel money is not a huge problem, mainly because of the natural wonders and cultural atmosphere. So, feeling this spiritual peace, I went up!


To the top of a mountain, and there, wow! grass, dogs, horses, and an endless place to walk, meditate and register with cameras or just with your eyes, Im sure a trip like this you will never forget. Be prepared to get dizzy, its because up there is a little bit difficult to breath, it seemed that I was heavy, carrying a burden, you get tired so easy but forget about time while up in the hills, ok? It is my humble advice.

A trip is always and individual experience, even in groups. So, if you want put a song in you headphone and enjoy, or – and this is what I did – just listen to the sound of the mountain. From the hill you can see Quito among the clouds, and slowly you notice that you are inside a cloud, or clouds.

And when you get down, your life is changed, you get a little bus to come back to the city and can go to Mitad Del Mundo, if you want. In this magical place, an egg is placed, I mean, it stand still, can you picture this? Magnetic forces in the famous Ecuador’s Line. It can be silly to some, but for me, was an important event, being there in the middle of the world, crossing north and south, just like that, with one step, changed my life, to better, for good. Experiences like these makes me wonder how interesting can the other side of the world be. Who knows …  maybe … Australia!

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